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King Krule - Cellular

Cellular is out now on XL Recordings/Matador Records.

Directed and animated by Jamie Wolfe
Ink and paint assistant - Annapurna Kumar

Taken from the album, Man Alive! Out 21st February.
Pre-save/pre-order here: https://kingkrule.ffm.to/manalive


TurkishCat : ruben sim
Magical Turtle : Ruben sim anyone?
Kunal Lokhande : I keep coming back to this for no concrete reason, good art.
Alexis Joestar : Came for the animations , subscribed for the music
AndrewPeard : I love the visuals. Whenever I listen to this song all I can think of are the swaying pylons

Learn English with hollywood best film 'Cellular 2004' movie with english subtitles

This movie is with english subtitles and that's why this is very helpfull for non-native english people.Watching movies with english subtitles will be very helpfull for learning english and understanding english accent.Thanks to egy.best for movie with arabic subtitles.
เก่ง แมคอินทอช : 1:03:00 she's gorgeous...!
K-Choi : I forgot Jason Statham was the villain here
K-Choi : Cap, language
Johanna Alweendo : "The one on the phone" "Everybody is on their cellphone"
sky family members : 2547 ประเทศไทย ผมเกิดเมื่อวันที่ 24 เมษายน 2530

Cellular (2004) - trailer

Informace o filmu na http://www.sms.cz/film/cellular\r
Akční / drama / krimi / mysteriozní / thriller, USA, 2004, 94 min.\r
Režie: David R. Ellis\r
Hrají: Caroline Aaronová, Kim Basingerová, Brenda Ballardová, Will Beinbrink, Jessica Bielová, Chase Bloch, Chelsea Bloch, Chantille Boudousqueová, Robin Brenner, Richard Burgi, Bryan Holly, Paige Cannonová, John Churchill, Greg Collins, Valerie Cruz, Eddie Driscoll, Noah Emmerich, John Ennis, Eric Etebari, Chris Evans, Erin Foster, Willie Gault, Noe Gonzalez, Adam Taylor Gordon, Ernie Grunwald, Rick Hoffman, Lenore Kasdorfová, Brendan Kelly, Chuck Kelley, Mark Kubr, Adam Lieberman, William H. Macy, Matt McColm, Esther Mercado, Robert Shaye, Mircea Monroeová, Rob Nagle, Eric Christian Olsen, Dat Phan, Rachel Reynolds, Ron Roggé, Lara Romanoff, Lauren Sanchezová, Al Sapienza, Lorna Scottová, Lin Shayeová, Sherri Shepherdová, Sean Smith, Jason Statham, Bobb'e J. Thompson, Ishtar Uhvana, Natasha Blasick, Gina-Raye Carterová, Mary Castrová, John Cenatiempo, Dean Devlin, Garrett Dutton, Marston Fobbs, Ariane Von Kamp, Lorelei Llee, Andrew Michaelson, Gino Montesinos, Gina Moore, Alana Morsheadová, Brandon Osborne, LynNita Pumaová, Kid Richmond, Jocelyn Saenz, Summer Still, Emily Wang, Peter Weireter, Rachel Zeskind
Jordan Williams : This one, Phonebooth, and Red Eye all came out around the same time and had similar styles of tight thriller plot. All great movies, all underrated
Methmal Dhananjaya : wtf this trailer spoiled the whole movie ‍♂️
Carlos Rosas : Captain America trying to save Vicki Vale from Deckard Shaw with the help from Frank Gallagher. That's a far more ambitious crossover than Avengers Endgame.
Jo Delostrico : a Nokia movie
smart boi is dacat : epic




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