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Guardiãs of Teotoc summon x10 pull Para Bellum

Invocação de 10 herói na minha conta secundária

X10 Arrows in flight from my Hoyt Defiant Turbo - they fly so well.

Ever wondered what Eastern X10 Arrows fly like?
Yes, the X10 is a recurve arrow and this is a compound bow.
The difference between the X10 and the Pro Tour is the taper.

Can you shoot an X10 from a Compound Bow? Properly Spined, yes.

Bluecast X10 Honest Review - 3D printing to metal casting by VOG

Time to test another castable resin, and this week it's Bluecast's X10. How does it print? How does it handle? What happens at the casting stage? All this and more answered HONESTLY.

Check out the fantastic selection of jewellery crafted by a great professional and friend, Alexndre, at his new website www.bellum.fr

I often get asked where I buy my investment powder, what type of oven do I use, etc, so to make life easy I’ve made a list with links on my website here http://vegoilguy.co.uk/equipment.php

*** GREAT RINGS \u0026 MORE ***
These guys make excellent rings, pendants and more https://bit.ly/3dHl2P8
Get 20% discount with the coupon code VOG20

This video is for and educational and entertainment purposes. Do not try and replicate what you see here without proper equipment, safety gear and a thorough understanding of the processes involved. It is a VERY dangerous.
This resin was given to me, free of charge and without obligation. No money has changed hands and the only agreement made was that I video an INDEPENDENT review, expressing my own personal and above all honest thoughts on the product.

The price of a cup of coffee can really help me grow my channel. If, and only IF, you can spare a little, please consider becoming one of my Patrons. You can read more about this here: https://www.patreon.com/vegoilguy - Or if you prefer to make a PayPal donation, you can do that here - www.vegoilguy.co.uk/donations

*** ETSY STORE ***
I sell a few castings on Etsy. Proceeds help me maintain my channel.




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